Why did I become beekeeper?

by Seth Steward on December 10, 2019

There is a short version of this story and a long version. For the sake of space, I’ll tell the short version. For those more interested I will publish the long version in my book. I guess that I don’t fit the stereotypical beekeeper. I wasn’t born in the rural (country) areas of America, I’m not Amish, neither am I elderly. But what I am is absolutely confident that whatever I decide I want to do, I can accomplish it because I possess the will to power. The decision to do this was easy. The path to find it was difficult.

The short answer is that everything that I have experienced in the course of my life has brought me to this point. Particularly, the accomplishments, the failures, the wins, the losses, the disappointments, and the celebrations are all relevant. This craft is all encompassing. It is a confluence of not only several academic disciplines but it is an opportunity to obtain a more clear understanding of the inner-workings of nature. I came to the conclusion, that if I could observe the bees, and develop a relationship with them, then perhaps I can obtain a more insightful understanding and relationship with her (Mother Nature), while harnessing her power.


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