Swarm Removal

 In the event of a swarm, don’t call an exterminator, call a beekeeper.

There is no one better equipped to manage a #swarm of bees than a #beekeeper! It’s a win-win situation, we take that troublesome swarm off of your hands and we get a new colony of honey bees. #Swarming is a natural part of bee behavior. By swarming, bees are able to find fresh new places to set up their hives and reproduce. This issue arises when bees swarm a little too close for comfort, that’s where we come in!

In the event of a swarm, please get in contact with us

To learn more about swarm removal in depth, click here.


Purchase Bees

Start the next chapter of your apiculture journey by bringing home your very own honey bee colony. Raised with care and an attentive eye, our colonies are healthy, vibrant, productive, mild-mannered, and prepared to thrive in the Ohio climate.

When you buy a Linda’s bee farm hive you become a part of the Linda’s bee farm family, a lineage of crafted by dedication, care, and expertise. Additionally, for those looking to learn how to best nurture their hive, we offer bee keeping classes.

To learn about the types of bees we have available, get in touch with us today.

Install Hive System

A hive can make a great addition to your community garden (or victory garden). We will make sure you and your hive are set up for success. If you know a hive would be a perfect addition to your community, get in touch with us today.