Wildflower Bee Pollen
Wildflower Bee Pollen
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Wildflower Bee Pollen


    Nature’s Superfood Harnessing the power of nature.  Pollen from a flower's anthers (the male part) rubs or drops onto a pollinator. The pollinator then takes this pollen to another flower, where the pollen sticks to the stigma (the female part). The fertilized flower later yields fruit and seeds. Honeybees collect grains of pollen from flowers and store in their nests for nutrition and sustenance. Bee Pollen contains nutrients and vitamins from A to Z.

    Wildflower Bee Pollen is a pure, nutrient-rich supplement packed with anti-oxidants, providing an excellent source of quality protein. With its unique blend of essential micronutrients, Wildflower Bee Pollen can help support overall health and wellbeing.Benefits of Bee Pollen include:

    • Rich in NutrientsAntioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory
    • Lowers Cholesterol and Protects Arteries
    • Detoxifies the Liver
    • Heals Wounds and Burns
    • Allergy Relief

    Net Wt  4 oz.